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Each year we hold elections for the the Ultrasound Interest Group Cabinet members. Feel free to contact them and see how you can be involved!
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Hunter Roberts – Community Service

Class of 2023

My desire to become a USIG officer began with the knowledge and enjoyment I experienced while a USIG member during my first year of medical school. Each session was extremely informative, the people were very helpful, and I quickly realized what a gift ultrasound is to many fields of medicine. I particularly wanted to become the community service representative to further develop the community relationships that already exist between USIG and various groups, while also exploring any new potential relationships that might be valuable. My passion for service has grown through various experiences both domestically and internationally, and it is a part of my life that I hope to further implement into my career as a future physician. So, I am very grateful to serve in this role and further develop the world of ultrasound in the medical community!

A little bit about me: I am originally from Arroyo Grande, CA and went to undergrad at Azusa Pacific University where I majored in Biology and had a minor in Psychology. Outside of medicine, I love anything involving sports and the outdoors. I am constantly finding ways to push myself, and I have recently completed a marathon and a triathlon in the last few years. I have yet decide my next challenge (got a little busy with medical school this last year) but I’m hoping to find something new to take on for this next year (rock climbing?!?).


Hyeon (Stella) Park – President

Class of 2022

My favorite part about going to my cardiologist as a kid was that I got to see my heart beating during an echo procedure, and the amazing part was that the procedure was pain free. This is one of the many reasons why I love ultrasound–it is a pain free procedure which provides vital information during patient assessment. 

USIG is comprised of medical students who are interested in the practice and the promotion of ultrasound, and it aims to raise awareness about the use of ultrasound in clinical practice by providing training and learning opportunities in ultrasound to students. I decided to become part of USIG because of all the amazing opportunities USIG offers: organizing regular ultrasound education, introducing other medical students to bedside ultrasound, and creating an ultrasound community among students and faculty. 

A little about me: I was born and raised in South Korea, and I came to the United States about 10 years ago. I studied Studio Art and Biomedical Science at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. I don’t do it as much but I like to watercolor when I’m free and I like to play the cello whenever I can. I don’t want to brag, but I’m highly gifted at eating! One interesting fact: I used to have a British accent (because I learned to speak English in New Zealand when I was 12)! 

Matthew Buell – Vice President

Class of 2022

I chose to become a USIG officer because I really enjoy how practical ultrasound is and how fun it is to learn how to use. With ultrasound becoming more accessible, I want to help promote its use and further the skills of future physicians with ultrasound. USIG was the perfect platform for helping to make those things happen, as well as give me an opportunity to be involved in student life and education.

A few things about me: I graduated from Walla Walla University in 2018 with a BS in Biochemistry. Between my junior and senior years of undergrad I took a year off and volunteered/went as a student missionary to teach highschool science in Siem Reap, Cambodia; an awesome experience. I am happily married to Julia Buell, and we love going on hikes with friends, camping, playing frisbee, cooking, and reading together. If I’m not busy studying you have a high chance of catching me listening to podcasts, taking a walk/jog or relaxing at home.

Interesting Fact: When I was 14 I did the STP (Seattle to Portland bike ride) with my dad.

Andy Hsueh – Treasurer

Class of 2022

USIG was one of the first interest groups I joined due to the prior knowledge I had coming into medical school of the growing prevalence of ultrasound. I worked in an ER for 3 years as a scribe and technician, a place where I was heavily exposed to ultrasound and the incredible utility it served (which will only get better with time). As a result, ultrasound is an area where I am passionate about and I am more than eager to serve/better a community where people can come together and have an amazing learning experience with it. 

For a brief introduction, I grew up in Southern California in a city called Irvine and went to undergrad at UC Santa Barbara, finishing with a degree in Pharmacology. In my downtime, I enjoy being surrounded by water (surfing, swimming, fishing, jet skiing etc.), which is kinda hard to do here…but the beach is only an hr away! 🙂  Other hobbies of mine include traveling, playing tennis, sketching, and learning to play musical instruments.

Leah Shin – Secretary

Class of 2022

When I first heard about the ultrasound interest group I was a bit skeptical. I mean, how often do you see people using ultrasound? But this is exactly why I decided to become a part of USIG. Not many physicians know how to use ultrasound, let alone incorporate it into their daily practice. Critical diagnoses can be rapidly made with ultrasound, and too many are missed—all because of a lack of practice. I do not hope to become one of those physicians. I want to actively spread the knowledge of ultrasound techniques to fellow students so that missed diagnoses can be prevented.

I grew up in Southern California (Orange County) and am very happy to be back in SoCal for medical school. I took a 4 year hiatus from CA to get my degree in Human Biology (a name my advisor and I made up for a Biology major modified with Psychology) and a minor in Lusophone studies at Dartmouth College. I am always up for a good board game. I enjoy milk teas and going to the beach. 

Interesting fact about me: I fixed my underbite in elementary school by moving my lower jaw backwards everyday because I kept being teased by my sisters.

Danielle Hamilton – Public Relations

Class of 2022

I love learning, and I especially love teaching! Through my role as USIG’s Public Relations Representative, I hope to grow our community’s understanding and interest in ultrasound through outreach events. I desire to be an integral part of the 1st years’ medical education and aspire to one day be an emergency physician and professor.

Outside of medicine, my hobbies include rollerblading, hiking, rock climbing, and cuddling my many animals! I have had jobs as a bike salesperson, campus tour guide, student researcher, and Supplemental Instruction Leader in physics, general and organic chemistry, and biology. I attended UC Riverside (go Highlanders!) and graduated in 2018 with a BS in Biochemistry. I was born at LLUH and raised in the Inland Empire, and I plan on practicing medicine here!

One interesting fact about me is that I fell 35 feet out of a ski lift when I was 7 years old and broke my left leg!

Peter Reim – Research and Technology

Class of 2022

Ultrasound is rapidly changing medical diagnostics and becoming an essential tool for almost every physician. Loma Linda’s Ultrasound Interest Group provided an avenue for exploring this incredible technology. I hope to use my position to help facilitate its integration into curriculum, develop easily accessible resources for students, and expand ultrasound interest in the community.

About me: I like to be outside more than inside and do things that sometimes require a helmet (climbing, skiing, aggressive trail running?). I graduated from Pepperdine University in 2017 with a degree in sports medicine and spent my year off as a ski patroller in Park City, Utah. I was born and raised in Orange County and am surprisingly happy to be so close to home where a free meal and laundry service (thanks mom) are only a few minutes away.

Nick Eckert – Community Service Rep

Class of 2022

Hello there! Ultrasound was part of the first year medical school curriculum that really captivated me. Hearing about the potential that it has for the future of medicine and having the opportunity to be trained in it was very exciting for me. One of the areas that I believe ultrasound will have the biggest impact upon is underserved, under-resourced communities, both overseas and domestically. I truly believe that ultrasound can and will be an avenue that to break down some of the barriers present in these communities that lead to poor health outcomes. My dream is to practice primary care in an underserved context, so I am extremely motivated to better learn and teach (eventually) ultrasound during the rest of my time at Loma Linda and throughout my career in medicine. For me, USIG was the perfect place to get started down that path.

A little about me: I’m originally from Sellersburg, Indiana and I went to undergrad at Lee University in Southeast Tennessee. I have a wonderful wife, Caden, and a new baby daughter, Olive. When I’m not studying, the three of us are usually off adventuring somewhere outdoors. Outside of medicine, I’m interested in community development, learning about different cultures, and sports. Interesting fact about me: I will eat pretty much anything for not a lot of money.

Laura Tobing – Volunteer Coordinator

Class of 2022

I desired to be a part of the USIG officers because I had the opportunity to be a member last year. I learned the increasing importance of ultrasound in healthcare and wanted to be an advocate for this growing technological skill. Being a part of the USIG officers would also allow me to have access to the faculty involved with Ultrasound devices. I want to continue the work of last year’s officers and help orchestrate the beneficial ultrasound events for the future freshman class because I believe it will change the future of healthcare for the better. 

I am blessed to be an MS2 who graduated with a B.S. in Nursing from Southern Adventist University in Collegedale Tennessee. I am 5’ 3” and proud to be Indonesian.  I was born and raised in Loma Linda. Most of my life, I tried to focus most of my time on sports, mission trips abroad, planning events, and hanging out with my close friends and family to have deep conversations and new adventures. 

One interesting fact is that I have completed a juice fast without any cheat days for 15 days straight.

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